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"You're kidding, right?"
That's what I replied, when over a year ago, I was guided in meditation to bring a group to New Zealand to complete a three-part Webseries that started in Liberia, West Africa, and then went to Ecuador. I knew not a single person in New Zealand, nor the first thing about it. And, since I'm all about delivering clean water, what in the world could we possibly be needed in "clean-water-flows-like-milk-and-honey" New Zealand?!

But you know as well as I do (still, it's always good to be reminded!) that miracles happen when we are 1) in alignment with our souls path, and 2)we have unwavering belief. And, I am humbled to say that the Universe didn't slack on its end of the deal.

Out of the blue, I was connected to the High Elder Council of the Waitaha Nation (the oldest indigenous people, pre-Mauri, dating back 35,000 years) and INVITED to bring my group to be in DREAMTIME with them in their Marae (family home) for 5 days (!! pinch me). 

I found an inspired like-minded community online who is excited to host our 2-Day Wisdom Share Event, called INSPIRE(tm) New Zealand! where our group of professionals will get to perform a "Ted-like" Talk on stage and provide workshops for 500 people(!!).

I discovered that there is No Clean Water for over 65% of the people living in the 80 islands of Vanuatu, just north of NZ, that Conde Nast calls "The Happiest Place on Earth" and the "tropical paradise that should be on everyone's bucket list!"

So April 30 to May 13 I will be in New Zealand with an already incredible group of adventure-seeking, master-minding-enthusiast Entrepreneurs, who will be the Stars in the "final" episode of a Transformational WebSeries that launches next year produced by my friend Robert Evans. 

This video describes why I would love for you to consider joining me if you are a social entrepreneur, a coach, healer, or teacher. It's short, please watch 

If you feel the NUDGE to find out more then please fill out the form below for someone on the team to connect with you pronto! Let's see if it is a fit! 

Spryte Loriano, CEO Legacy Life Productions 

"It was an honor to do this short “Ted-like” talk and share with the community what is possible. This organization has made this experience so practical and so affordable, it would be silly not to take advantage of it."
Bart Rademaker, Plastic Surgeon, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
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